Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Fall started out beautifully.  It stayed warm well into October and the trees all started their magical transformations into explosions of color.  Then Sandy passed by and brought...winter. Cold nights and mornings and lots of rain, so that we only got to enjoy the beautiful leaves for a short time before the rain and wind tore most of them from the branches and left them on the ground. And the acorns! Millions - maybe billions - of them everywhere.  I've been told that the older, wiser, locals say that lots of acorns in the fall mean a cold winter.  *Sigh* I'm glad I got a new pair of boots!

We'll be enjoying Thanksgiving a new way this year.  Both girls work in retail, so both have only the one day - Thursday - off (and the way things seem to be going, next year they might not even get that.  People: don't shop on Thanksgiving Day!).  That means the one in Brooklyn can't come home at all.  The other one is in Raleigh, 2 hours away, and since we have four days off and she only has the one, we decided to go to Raleigh for Thanksgiving, and go out for dinner.  This will be a new experience for all of us.  While I will miss the cooking, (honestly! I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner) I am so profoundly grateful that I have so much good and happiness in my life, starting with two beautiful daughters and a bf who cherishes me and I him. And I can't forget Jack, Louise, Thelma, and my wonderful family in California (all of whom I miss more than usual on the holidays).  

I wish you all good cheer and I hope the holidays find you happy and healthy.