Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm grateful I DON'T have...

Restless leg syndrome. 

Or a fungus under my toenails.  This poor guy looks like he has both!

I once heard someone say (or maybe I read it somewhere...I don't remember) that if you aren't  happy because you don't have what you want, then you should be happy because you don't have what you DON'T want.  Makes sense to me!  There are a lot of things I don't have that I really don't want.  A friend and I joke about Restless Leg Syndrome (me) and Toenail Fungus (her) being two things we don't want that we don't have and how grateful we are that we don't, but seriously, how many things do you NOT have that you DON'T want?


  1. No fungus here, but I do have RLS which my husband calls "jimmy legs." It's weird and uncomfortable, trust.

    I'm grateful I don't own such ill-fitting jeans.

  2. I have funny feet, one foot made much worse by ill advised surgery. BUT I'm grateful my face is fine, feet or face, no choice in my book!

    xo jane

  3. well when you put it that way...

    good thinking and you are so right.

    i'm working on my gratitude list right now.

    have a very happy thanksgiving and i am so grateful that we cyber-met.


  4. Raina, you are so funny. You must be a total blast in person!
    Jane, I'm one of those weird people who think feet are beautiful - and I see a lot of them in yoga! I'm sorry for the ill-advised surgery, but I'm sure your feet are beautiful - as is your face!
    And Janet, I too am grateful that we cyber-met. I know we would be friends if we were closer! But cyber-friends is good, too!