Wednesday, August 29, 2012

As Thelma grows up...

I don't think I have posted any photos of Thelma since she first found her way into our home, so I thought I might update anyone who's interested.  Louise still (what's it been - 10 or 12 weeks now?) wants nothing to do with Thelma.  Louise hisses and growls and generally freaks out completely whenever she sees her, although they are stuck in the same room all night and we usually don't hear so much as a whisper between them.  I'm not sure what they do in there, but it's quiet.  Do you think Louise is just putting on a show for my benefit, when she does all that hissing and growling nonsense?  For her part, Thelma, while crazy and a complete pain, is worming her way into the rest of our hearts and continues to try and win Louise over.  Jack treats her just like a little sister.  He finds her annoying but he watches out for her and they often lay, in the sun spots around the house, together.

So here are the photos:

As she's relaxing on the front porch, Thelma spies Louise on the sidewalk!

She does her best to sneak up quietly.

"I just want to get closer..."

"Mom! You are blowing my cover!"

She makes her move!

The unsuspecting Louise.

Once again Thelma is rebuffed and hissed at by Louise.  Jack comes to her aid and tells Louise to "knock it off!"

Thelma decides to climb a tree instead.  Remember that "hang in there baby" poster that so many people had way back in the day?  Doesn't Thelma look like that kitten?


  1. Ha! What a great series of photos.

    And isn't Jack a good boy? Give him a treat from me will you?

    Oh poor Thelma...she so enjoyed being an only.

    xo Jane

  2. Karin,

    Enjoyed how you told your story with photos. Very cute kitten. I think Louise is just putting on a show. And nice to see Jack's found a little buddy.

  3. Karin, Thelma is so pretty. And thanks for sharing a bit of Jack with us. That precious boy. Now Louise is just a gal who likes her own space. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Bonnie