Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Reason To Celebrate 2014.

We have a granddaughter!  This past September the bf's daughter presented to the world this lovely baby girl - Evelyn.  Pure love.  He and I met after all of our children (four between us -  two his, two mine) were grown, so I haven't really ever thought of myself as a "step-mother" and he feels the same way about mine.  Partly because they are grown, and partly because his already have a perfectly good mother and mine a perfectly good father.  But I do love his children, and he loves mine - we both feel like we really lucked out there, because all four of them are people we honestly like, as well as love. And they like us!  And we love the four significant others as well.  How did we get so lucky? Anyway. When his daughter found out she was pregnant she asked me to be the "bonus grandma", an idea I love.

We spent New Year's Eve in Brooklyn this year.  His daughter and mine both moved into larger apartments this past year, so we got to stay with each of them for a few nights in each place. Got to spend a few days with my baby girl and her wonderful young man and their sweet, sweet Great Dane, Luna, and a few days with the bf's daughter, her wonderful young man and their beautiful, wonderful, funny and super-smart Evelyn.  And we all got to spend some time together - his, mine, and ours.  It was the very best way to end the best year ever and start what will surely be another fantastic year.

A few years ago the bf and I were discussing the "what ifs" of becoming grandparents, although at the time we were certain neither of his would have children, as neither was in a committed relationship and both in their mid to late 30's (so many changes in such a short amount of time!).  And neither of mine were showing any interest in becoming parents, so the whole grand parent thing was up in the air (and we were fine with that - really). But we were discussing it anyway.  I asked him what he would want to be called.  He was like "What? You mean I get to pick?" and I said "Yeah, of course".  He thought for a few seconds and then said "Batman".  So far he IS Batman.  We'll see if that lasts.  He can't wait to teach Evelyn how to ride a bike.  I will teach her to garden (and maybe a little yoga).

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