Friday, August 13, 2010

In the beginning...

Today's the day!  Why not?  After years of looking at (and drooling over) other blogs, I've decided to join the fun!

But where to start?  I know!  How about some pictures from my garden?  Maybe that will give you an idea of who I am...
My boyfriend and I spent all last summer on the garden, adding this pond, a waterfall and stream, and 3 (yes 3!) patio areas.  The goal was to not have any grass to mow, but in the end we kept a small grassy area, mostly for the dogs.

Waterfall with buddha
Different area, different Buddha
Little grassy area for the dogs to the left, a new as of yet unplanted flower bed on the right.
Louise, world's greatest cat, doing what she does best (besides catching lizards)!

 There is lots more garden to see, and I'll definitely show it all at some point, but that's enough for today.


  1. i'd love to do yoga in your backyard!


  2. I'm all about that waterfall! I've got to spend sometime looking around your blog. Are there more pics? Is that part of a galvinized tin structure?