Saturday, March 19, 2011

got books?

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.  ~Author Unknown

I recently joined a new book club.  And by recently, I mean I went to my first meeting on Thursday night.  I've been in a book club before.  Unfortunately it just didn't work for me. All very nice women, but we were in different places in life.  Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that I have friends in many different age groups, in many different stages of their lives.  But in my last book club, everyone else was in their "new mom" stage, and in their early 30's.  I've surely got nothing against new moms - I was one, once - but the "book club" was, for these women, a chance to get out for an evening without the baby or husband and party.  Who could blame them? But many times only two people showed up - including me - the rest not being able to get a sitter or having a sick baby at home, and when they did show up, many had not even read the book.  I quit the group after 6 or 8 months, and I understand the book club disbanded shortly after that.

So, after being invited by a friend, I joined this book club with a little bit of wariness.  The whole reason I ever wanted to join a book club is that I love to read and I often find it helpful and interesting to get other people's insight about a particular book.  And to get ideas on books to read.  I think this group might be a much better fit for me.  They're all closer to my age/stage in life, although with wildly divergent backgrounds, jobs, family groups, etc.  There's even a man in the group!  The things we have in common are great:  political/social views (let's just say we're in the minority here in this "southern" town), and a real desire to read meaningful and satisfying books and then be able to discuss them - all while enjoying great food, wonderful wine and lots of laughter.  Needless to say, I think I'm going to enjoy this group!

This is what we just finished reading:

It's a murder/suspense novel.  Not something I would ever have picked up on my own.  One of the best reasons to join a book club - you get exposed to books you wouldn't normally pick out.  Turns out I REALLY liked this. The suspense held up almost to the end.

If you want to see what we're reading next, and it'll change monthly, I put a new thingy down at the bottom of the page.  You'll see two books listed.  One is the book club book and the other is the second book I'm reading (I usually read at least two or three books a month.) 

I have resisted getting a Kindle til now.  I'm starting to waver though.  I LOVE books.  I just love having them around.  I give them as gifts and I get them as gifts.  I have lots of book shelves in my house, and lots of books on them.  But the shelves are full now, in fact they're overflowing, yet I find it so hard to get rid of books.  And in my continuing attempt to keep my life simple, something's gotta give, so I'm reconsidering a Kindle.  Any thoughts/advice/suggestions?


  1. It seems I've missed several of your postings of late, so I am making my way through them. Sorry! I am so happy you have found a book group you will enjoy. I adore my book group. I think I wrote about it last year. Keep me posted on your book selections. I get to spend some time with Issac Newton this week in preparation for our next meeting.

  2. It's funny, your description of your first book club sounds more like my current book club. Sometimes, I think I go just for the food! I'm noting this book on my amazon list - it looks promising.
    P.S. - I too, resisted Kindle, but being overseas, having to wait weeks for books to arrive - it has been priceless!