Thursday, November 10, 2011

My new favorite hang out...

There have been some pretty exciting goings-on around this old town lately.  We've got a Whole Foods coming! There are rumors of a Trader Joe's as well, but TJ's still doesn't show us on their website, so that remains a rumor at this point.  But while we wait for that we have a new store, right here in my 'hood.  They specialize in locally grown/produced foods, including locally caught seafood, and locally produced eggs, poultry and meat, as well as organic, vegetarian, and vegan foods.  They have a deli and a bakery, too.  It's locally owned and smaller than the big chain stores.  Sometimes that means higher prices, but in this case, because most everything they buy and sell is local, many times their prices on produce are lower than the chain grocery stores.  It opened about 2 months ago and so far it's been wildly popular and has become something of a neighborhood hangout. Love that.  And the best part's about 4 blocks away, so I can ride my bike to get groceries.  Something I've always wanted to do, but with the closest grocery store about 5 or 6 miles down the busiest street in town (the one without bike lanes!), I've never been able to do that before.  It is so much fun to go to the grocery store now!
Nothing fancy, just fresh local stuff.

Just like I get at the Farmer's Market.

Apples from the mountains of NC!

Did I mention they have a bakery?

And home-made Gelato?

Locally brewed beer.  They also have coffee, that while it's not locally grown, it is from a local roaster that uses organic, fair trade beans.  My favorite kind.
Mmmmm...local honey.

Don't look Janet!

While I don't personally eat Blue Crabs, they're pretty popular around here.

So, while you may not think a new grocery store is big news in your neck of the woods we are thrilled with our new neighbors!

More interesting stuff coming up, but I can't tell anyone just yet! (and no, I'm not having a baby :))


  1. Love this post. Since I have a local business that competes with a few national companies, I love the idea of supporting the small guy (or gal). And all this stuff looks like the cream of the crop.

    Now, can you pass one of those eclairs, please?

  2. I love it! The only local market (other than the farmer's market) we have is across the river. I am so jealous! I do love Whole Foods and remember it when it was just a local market in Austin. I would love to have a grocery store I could walk to. I think those carrots look pretty special!

  3. A new market in my 'hood would be thrilling news! The closest high quality market is about 7 miles away...I would jump up and down if I had one within walking distance. Lucky you! It looks like a very nice market you have.

    Looking forward to your news!

  4. I really like great markets and those fit the bill, I can understand why you are so thrilled! - Is that huge apple for real, Wow!?

  5. Well I'm not having a baby either unless it's one of those miraculous christmas babies BUT GG's sister is v. pregnant and due the we wait.

    too exciting about your new market. i would be over the moon.

    xo Jane