Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A weekend in Charleston + Bare Naked Ladies = awesome

We spent this last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, home to this:

Battery Park

And many of these:

Beautiful, historic, side porch homes

Many of them with one of these:

Lovely, shady little enclosed courtyards - many of them with fountains and statuary

We ate a superb meal here:

Best Oyster Po-Boys ever - even better than I  had  in New Orleans! (sorry NOLA)

Where they have these:

Chandeliers made from oyster shells!

But the best part of the trip was the reason we went in the first place.  These guys:

Barenaked Ladies!!

I know.  Go ahead.  Call me crazy.  But I'm not the only one.  Not the only Barenaked Ladies fan, that's for sure.  And now, the bf is one as well. He went along to see the other bands that were opening for BNL, but he was hooked as soon as they all came out onstage wearing tennis whites (remember when all tennis players wore only white?), including 1980's style headbands and wristbands because the stadium they were playing in was for tennis!  (That's SO Charleston, by the way.  Other cities have football or baseball stadiums.  Not Charleston.  They have tennis stadiums.)  BNL puts on a great show - not just the music, but the interaction with the crowd is so fun, too. Such fun!

**All the above images are from google.  I forgot my camera.  I've been resisting getting a smart phone (that's right people - I do not have a smart phone), but sometimes I think I should get one just for the camera...

***And Jack really enjoyed his first trip since becoming blind.  He went everywhere except the concert with us and was loved by all!  I was a little worried about leaving him in the hotel room while we were gone, but the management said no one heard a peep out of him.  Probably because of the giant size rawhide bone the bf got him before we left!


  1. My sister is huge BNL fan from WAY back. They started out just across the border from where we lived in Western NY so their music first came from the Toronto radio stations. Even though she's seen them several times, she would still be jealous.

    1. So you're saying your sister has great taste and wisdom? :)

  2. I'm neither for or again but will listen with intent.....

    What a beautiful city. Must have been humid a hell?

    I'm so glad the Jackster had a fun wekend.

    xo jane

    1. You are 100% right. It is a beautiful city and it was humid as hell, though not as hot as I thought it might be (yay!).
      If you listen, I think you might like them. They are smart, liberal and funny. Hey they're Canadian. They can't help it. :)

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