Friday, June 29, 2012

On Joy. And being Grateful.

In a recent yoga class we were asked to think about something we did each day to remember how much joy we have in our lives and be grateful.  My immediate thought was that I look at the sky. Every day.

The sky outside my front door last night at about 8:15pm.


Thank you Mother Nature.


  1. The picture of your sky is so pretty. Looking out into the clouds does bring one a sense of hope and comfort. I love to lay on my back at dusk and gaze up into the sky and just ponder. Have a wonderful weekend under our beautiful sky. Bonnie

  2. Isn't that pretty! You were lucky to catch it. I've gotten up in the morning to such beautiful fire red skies and by the time I get downstairs to get my camera and get outside, it's all gone. Thank you for capturing it so we can enjoy it too.

  3. Steve, that's what usually happens to me too. I was actually downtown when I was getting ready to go home and saw this over the river (gorgeous). It's about a five minute drive and the entire way home I watched this beautiful sunset and thought it would never last until I got home to get out my camera, but it did!