Monday, June 11, 2012

Color combos...

Some random color combos in the garden, over the weekend:

red and orange

green and black

lavender and lime green - really wish this picture had turned out better, this is such a pretty combo

peach and green

grey, black and green?

came home from a bike ride yesterday and as we were putting the bike in the back yard we came across this, just outside our gate - the neighbor's cat (we call her "the terrorist" because she terrorizes our little cat, Louise) taking a nap in a planter hung on our fence - she looks comfortable, doesn't she?

I had several other pictures, but I have decided I either need a new camera or I need lessons on taking better pictures, and actually it is probably both of those!

Happy Monday (man, that was a quick weekend!) and I wish you a great week!


  1. Oh I hope you didn't have flowers planted in the pot. Your colors are fabulous. Bonnie

    1. I did...unfortunately they are not there anymore!

  2. It's nice of you to provide accommodations for your feline visitors. At least it's not a litter box!

    The red of the canna lilies is amazing. Love your lily pads too!