Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love summer...

Last night after work, the bf and I decided to go to the beach and watch the full moon come up. So we picked up a "Veggie Special" pizza at one of our favorite places, packed up the blanket and a bottle of wine and headed out.


This guy was so funny.  He chased away all of the other seagulls.  He seemed to think it was his job and I know he hoped to be rewarded for a job well done.  I fell for it.

One of the truly beautiful things about living at a beach that is also a barrier island like ours is that you can look in one direction and see the sun set over the waterway, then look in the opposite direction and watch the moon come up over the ocean. Pretty spectacular.

The sun starting to set over the waterway.

Days are so long now that we ended up staying at the beach for hours, waiting on the moon. And we decided we really must do this more often.


  1. it looks wonderful karin. the pizza does too! we will be hiking under that waning full moon on friday night. can't wait. xo

    1. Where will you be hiking? I love hiking! The moon was absolutely gorgeous last night and I'm sure you will enjoy it on Friday, as well!

  2. Karin, It sounds lovely! There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sun fall behind the ocean. Yes, I think the bird was eyeing the pizza...or maybe the wine? Bonnie