Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Mr. B.

We consider ourselves so lucky to count among all of our wonderful friends one that is also a wildly talented sculptor.  Last fall we went to one of his gallery showings and saw some of his newest works, all done in wire. It's incredible how much personality he can convey using wire. He'd used some other people we know as models, and we could tell immediately who they were.

We decided we just had to have one of Micheal's pieces, but wanted something a little more personal.  A little more "us".  So we commissioned a piece.  Michael said he'd never tried anything like it, so he was excited. It took a while, but a few weeks ago he brought it over and now it's been installed in our living room:

Our wire sculpture Buddha, also known as Mr. B. I hear that Michael has received some requests for more Buddhas, but I know none of them will be the same as mine. 
The pictures shown above are from Michael's FB page (Michael Van Hout/Wilmington NC - apparently he doesn't have a website yet)  and you can see them there without having to "friend" him, if you're interested.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It is amazing the personality/attitude you might read into each one. Interesting. Bonnie

  2. wow, what a perfect sculpture for you guys. i will go check him out now. xo