Tuesday, January 11, 2011

High hopes...

"I suspect that even today, with all the progress we have made in liberal thought, the quality of true tolerance is as rare as the quality of mercy. " ~ Frank Knox

Gabrielle Giffords, Rep (D) Arizona

I know that all of you have heard about the shootings in Tucson.  Many politicians and members of the media have mentioned that rhetoric coming from certain individuals may have been the impetus for this act.  And they may very well be right.  But, as Jane said the other day,on her blog, smallbutcharming, this is not a political blog.  So I'm not going to address any of the possibly political aspects of this tragedy, here.  I just want to say that this might be a good time to begin hoping that this horrendous act, committed by what is obviously an emotionally ill young man (how did he get a gun?! oh yeah, no politics here...okay, never mind) will, at the very least, start people thinking about how one's words can affect one's (and maybe even someone else's) actions. Maybe this awful incident will convince people (one  person?) in the media and political circles to rethink their rhetoric and look for more compassion and tolerance in their words instead of using it as just another reason for arguing and verbal attacks? Maybe?

My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost, and my best wishes for a full recovery to those who were hurt.

I think of the following as words to live by:

"Watch your thoughts because your thoughts become your words. Choose your words because your words become your actions. Understand your actions because they become your habits. Study your habits because they become your character. Develop your character because it becomes your destiny. " Quincy Jones


  1. The quote by Quincy Jones is certainly one to post, read and put to memory. Words to live by!

  2. I couldn't agree more! There are consequences to all actions...even spoken ones. One persons words may be another's call to action. I hope a lot is learned by yet another tragedy. The quote is a perfect way to live by.
    Hugs to all ~

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful is something life altering came out of this tragedy? Or does that only happen in the movies?

    It doesn't seem like much is changing, talk show hosts are still ranting, fingers are being pointed in every direction, no one is taking any responsibility for any of this.

    The day I learned that my actions had consequences was a big one for me.

    Maybe others could discover that too, before more sick people are infected with the hate virus.

    xo Jane

  4. I couldn't agree more with every bit of what you said!

    Here's to hope!


    p.s. LOVE LOVE the Q.J. quote!

  5. I know...I'm preaching to the choir here. You all give me hope.