Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The rest of the 2012 to-do list...

I admit it.  I am a hard-core list maker.  I love to check things off! Also, I find the act of making a list helps me focus on what I really need versus want. And being an avid DIYer, I have to keep in mind what's realistic. I don't usually share my lists with others, but I'm putting this one out there hoping that will motivate me (and the bf!) to finish some things.  The following is what I hope to accomplish this year.  It is by no means a complete list of what I'd like to do around this little cottage! All in good time...

  • Re-do the front yard. I've got lots of ideas I'd like to try. One side of the front yard has a massive 80 year old Oak.  Although there is some Vinca (minor) and Liriope growing at the base of the tree, not much else survives the heavy shade.  Have to think about what to do there.  Any suggestions?  On the other side, while shady in the early morning, gets full sun in the afternoon. But not enough sun for roses (I know, because I tried.) So my idea for that side could include something like this, below.  It's a big job - turned out to be too big of a job for last summer - but one can hope, right?
I'm thinking a little less "patio".  Maybe something in the middle - a bird bath with lavender all the way around the base?

For the walk up to the front door I'd love to do these large pavers with gravel instead of the rocks they have here.
(These photos from Pinterest.)
  • Finish the damn Murphy Bed that the bf has been working on - off and on, mostly off - for months now.  I am so looking forward to the bed in the guest room being out of the way so that I can use the room for other things (YOGA!!) when we don't have guests - which is much of the time.
  • Paint both bedrooms.  They are the last two rooms that are the same as they were when I bought the house.  I don't mind their present colors, they're both just a little dark.  I'm thinking an "almost" white in the guest room, probably the same color as the living room.  It's a dark room (that massive Oak tree in the front yard is right outside the room, so it doesn't get very much natural light), so it could stand a little lightening up.  The master bedroom will also be lightened up, but I haven't decided just yet exactly which color.  I am thinking it won't be white, though.  Again...any suggestions?

I guess now I will have to keep you up to date on my progress, won't I?


  1. You've got a lot to do. That outside work is heavy grueling work but will very rewarding when it's done.

    Did you notice the date on this post says year 2112?

    1. Nope. I sure didn't see 2112. Guess I better fix that. And yes, it is grueling work, which is why it didn't get done last spring. I may need to call in some help for this job.

  2. I like what you have done so far, the path, especially. My bedroom was a deep, leafy green, and I recently repainted it a light tan. It goes with everything and keeps the space light. The one I used is called "Toasted Almond" from Olympic paints. It covered the green in just one coat, which was impressive to me. I tend to be someone who favors whites, so this tan was a step outside the box a bit. I am thrilled with the results though. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment! I really appreciate hearing from people.

    Have a good one!