Friday, February 3, 2012

all the makings of a perfectly wonderful day

So this was the timeline of my birthday yesterday:

6:00 am: Wake up to find a birthday card from the bf containing a gift card for amazon for the whole year's worth of book club selections for my Kindle.  The birthday card and knowing he remembered my day would have been enough.  And he's not done yet...

6:30 am:  57 Sun Salutations with a dear friend and yoga teacher. I guess to some 6:30 am yoga might sound like torture - 6:30 am anything is torture to some. For me it is the best way to start my day.

8:30 am:  Arrive at my office to find my chair, desk, etc., all covered with banners and glitter, and a Birthday crown sitting on my computer.  To be honest, not unexpected, as I have done the same thing to them on their birthdays.

8:35am - 4:30 pm:   Find facebook messages and ecards from friends and loved ones all day.  Love that.

8:30 - 12:30:  work, work work...

9:15 am:  Phone call and ecard from First-born Lovie.  She sent me a book on my Kindle, too.  What a love.

12:30 pm:  Lunch with  my office pals. The ones who are responsible for the banners and glitter.

2:00 pm -4:30 pm:  work, work, work...

2:10 pm:  Phone call from Second-born Lovie.  She's in Brooklyn right now and I haven't seen her since the holidays, so it was so good to hear her pretty voice.

2:25 pm:  Chipotle Chocolate cupcakes!  Woo Hoo! They were melt in your mouth devine! Oh and there were candles and singing, too.

4:30 pm:  Go home and get ready for the evening.  Little black dress (velvet - it is still winter you know, even though it doesn't feel like it!) with lace patterned tights and black boots.  And the bf wore a nice jacket with his jeans - I love that look on men!  I should have gotten a picture of the two of us.  We don't dress up often, but we do clean up okay.

6:00 pm:  Dinner at my favorite sushi place. was incredible.  Then a little walk down the street to  our favorite cozy little piano bar, where a friend of ours tends bar, for a lovely glass of wine before the theater.

8:00 pm:  Another little walk (it was a beautiful night for walking) to Thalian Hall to see a local production of "To Kill A Mockingbird".  One of my all-time favorite books from childhood.  It meant a lot to me that the bf remembered that and got tickets to this. I give him grief sometimes because he doesn't always seem to be giving me 100% of his attention when I'm talking to him, and then he goes and proves that he does listen - at least when it really counts. And as is usually the case in this town, I was gratified to see it was a full house for this Opening Night.  Wilmington is very proud and supportive of our art community and I love that about living here.

10:30 pm:  Home for (more) cupcakes and dog kisses.

What a glorious day.  A big thank you to all who made it so.