Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a busy weekend

I know it's Wednesday, but this is the first chance I've had to say it - hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.  It was beautiful here in NC, and though I was busy all weekend long, it was a good busy, so I'd say it was a nice weekend.

Saturday afternoon was spent outside, working on the garden (me) and the pond (bf).  We did lots of cleaning and tidying up to get ready for (real) Spring.  Here we are in the middle of February and I was outside in a t-shirt! LOVED it. Saturday night we went to a fundraising event for our favorite non-profit.  The story behind the organization, and the man who started it, is interesting and inspiring (it's all  here, if you're interested - I promise it is a compelling story).  Beyond the fact that both the bf and I are inspired by this man and what he's doing (bf volunteers often), we consider our lives enriched by his (and his girlfriend's) friendship. You want to talk about someone who can tell incredible, funny stories at your next party?  He's your man. His girlfriend is pretty spiffy,too.  Anyhoo...the party/fundraiser/event was lots of fun and we ran into a few people we hadn't seen in ages, and you know that's always a good time! And, it was sort of a dressy affair!  Living in a beach town means living in a casual town.  No one ever gets dressed up here. Ever.  So I kind of like putting on a dress and some heels once in a while!



Sunday was not quite as nice as Saturday, in fact it was drizzly most of the day. I didn't really mind because I had to meet my boss at a local bar/hang out/music venue in the afternoon, to help set up for yet another fundraiser - this time for our local state Representative's re-election campaign.  Is there such a thing as a "fundraising season"? If so, this must be it. All of the invites to this event went to folks in the film industry here in NC. This party was fun, too, although I was supposedly there to "work".  And work I did - pimping for my oldest lovey and her boyfriend, for jobs in some of the new film production companies coming to Wilmington this year! Keep your fingers crossed, would ya?

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