Saturday, February 18, 2012

is it just me?

Or does this happen to you too?  Wilmington, NC (where I live) is one of those places that, for no particular reason, people either live here, have lived here in the past, know someone who lives/lived here, or they just know about it for some reason.  It seems that I can't go anywhere without talking to someone I know or could know.

As I mentioned before, last weekend the bf and I went to Brooklyn to see our girls (his and mine - I mean one is his and one is mine, neither are ours).  Once we got to our hotel and got settled, we went to meet my lovey at a vegan place for lunch.  We had just sat down and got our drinks when a young couple walked in and passed us on their way to a table.  I said "Holy crap!  They're from Wilmington!"  The bf and my daughter thought I was crazy, but I decided to make a trip to the ladies room to get a better look at them to be sure.  What? You never fake a trip to the ladies room to get a closer look at someone? When I headed back to my table, I stopped at theirs and asked them if they were, indeed, from Wilmington and they were! The young man, while I don't actually "know" him, works in the same building that I do, and the young woman, who now lives in Brooklyn (the young man was visiting her), used to work for someone I know.

That in itself, while a funny story, is probably not that unusual.  But this happens All. The. Time.  When we were in Paris, we were eating dinner in a neighborhood bistro.  A man who was dining alone overheard us speaking American English and asked where we were from.  Turned out he was from the next town.  I've been in California, NewYork, New Orleans, France, Mexico and Peru - I can't remember a place I've been where I haven't run into someone from, or familiar with, Wilmington for some reason.  Is that weird or does it happen to everyone? And am I the only one making fake trips to the ladies room?

Home Sweet Home


  1. I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone from Wilmington, well not till I met you.

    I'm so nosy, er interested in people I would fake a trip to Hell to check someone out.

    xo Jane

    1. hahahahha!! Thanks for my first laugh of the day! And I would, too!