Friday, February 11, 2011

My Favorite Winter Accessory

Janet at the asked readers to post pictures of their favorite accessories, and I thought that would be fun.  In the winter I am rarely without a scarf.  I have many, in all different colors and styles.  Most of them can be worn either as a scarf or almost like a shawl, if I'm cold. More often I wear them like this:

A few from my "collection".
 Come Spring (it won't be long now!!), I won't be wearing scarves any more.  I'll have to think of a new "favorite" accessory, I guess.


  1. hi karin,

    i love your scarves. thanks for joining in and i love the pic of you whipping up something delish in the kitch. so cute.


  2. You are adorable! Cute hair style! :)

    I'm never without a scarf either...if my neck is cold, there goes the day.

  3. I should get one of those. I'm always in my hoodie and when I'm cold, I put the hood up. I'm sure people walk by and see me washing my dishes with my hood up and think I'm totally nuts.

  4. Hi Karin, First time here, I'm over from Janet's. You look so so cute. I enjoyed your post on yoga very very much. Will enjoy reading all your other posts. Hugs, Joyce

  5. Thanks Janet, this was a fun idea!
    Thanks Sarah! I'm one of those people who get bored easily and quickly with my hair - this is the shortest it's ever been, but I have to say I love never having to blow dry it. But I'll get bored day! And I feel the same way about my neck - if it's cold, I feel cold all over!
    Steve - you are so funny, I swear! I would definitely wonder what you were up to (surely no good!) if I walked by and saw you washing dishes with your hood on! I once was out in the rain with a hoodie on, and when I walked in the house my little dog didn't recognize me and growled and barked at me. Cracked me up! Well...I guess I'm easily amused...

  6. Who knew you were so cute? I too am rarely found without a scarf around my neck, at home, at work, inside, outside it's a scarf for me.

    xo jane

  7. I can't live without my scarves, and in an effort to convert my family I knitted them all their own for Christmas

  8. I love your scarf collection. I love scarves as well. In fact, I think I have a scarf quite similar to the one you have on. There is nothing like having a a scarf around your neck.