Thursday, April 21, 2011


The one good thing about being sick?  I feel so damn good when it's over.  Being sick makes me remember that without our good health we don't have much, and it makes me so grateful for my normally healthy body.   I still have some sniffles, and to be on the safe side I took some Sudafed this morning, even though I didn't feel terrible. And I skipped the gym this morning for one more day (it's scary how easily I  could get used to this skipping the gym thing - especially when it is so beautiful walking around the garden with my coffee at 8 am!).  But, for the most part I feel excellent! is good. 

As you might expect, I haven't done much lately, but Mother Nature didn't stop.

The Irises are beyond beautiful.

This beautiful climbing rose is one that I never even knew existed until I started cleaning up the gardens last summer.  It has rewarded me with dozens of blooms so far this year!

What can I say?

Before I started feeling puny I did get around to cleaning up the front yard.  I trimmed all the liriope back and now the sidewalk looks twice as wide.  Not sure if you can see it in the picture, but the Lady Banks Rose is blooming on the arbor. The Jasmine won't be far behind and the fragrance will be unbelievable.

Also went to opening day for the Farmer's Market and found a new bakery.  This Foccacia was SO good!  And the fresh strawberries (in salad) were sweet and beautiful.  I noticed there were several new egg suppliers.  They all had pictures of their hens, and the coops and yards where they kept them.  I always like to see where my eggs come from.

While I've been lying low with this cold/allergy/whatever thing, my office has been moving.  We moved just one flight up where where we were in this historic old building in downtown Wilmington.  I'm getting pictures of the new space now and hope to have them up tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow - I'm hoping I'll be back on my bike to get to work tomorrow.  Haven't felt up to it for several days now, but with gas prices going up daily, I'm thinking I better get back on it!


  1. I love the old window attached to the side of the house. That's a neat look.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Thanks Steve. The window is actually attached to the little shed in the garden. It was one of the original windows on my house, that I found in the basement. Several panes are missing, so I thought it would make a good "lattice" for the climbing Rose. Last year, when I found that Rose, it barely came up to the bottom of the window and only had one cane. As you can see, it seems to be thriving now.

  3. Great news that you are feeling better. Your house is so darling. I just love it.

  4. you are so right about being sick. nothing like it to snap one out of bad habits and appreciate really good health. your garden looks just beautiful and your house is adorable. i love the farmers that are putting pics of the chickies up. that's a good idea. i occasionally will eat eggs from my friends sarahs chickens. she promises to never kill them once they are done laying. so sweet.


  5. Glad you are feeling a little better. The pizza and salad look yummy. I am anxiously awaiting our farmer's market to open.

  6. Yay! Glad to hear the good news! Isn't it amazing how our good spirits plummet as our temps rise?

    I think most of us in this circles of bloggers are optimistic by nature.

    But thank God we're allowed to share the sad and the sick alongside the beautiful roses and charming garden pics.

    Keeping it as real as we can.

    xo Jane