Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.
- May Sarton

Last night was a perfect evening.  Perfect for being outside, perfect for walking thru the garden and looking at all the new blooms.

Oh, how I wish I were a halfway decent photographer.  I think the key is to remember to wear my glasses?  Anyway...one of the first roses.  It was stunning.  Too bad you can't tell from the photo.

The end of the dogwood blooms.

The first Dianthus bloom!

And, of course, what southern garden would be complete without a couple (hundred?) Azaleas?

It was so nice out last night that the bf made a fire and we sat by it after dinner, with wine glasses in hand.  Monday's aren't so bad...


  1. It's nice to see real flowers and leaves on the trees. Our forsythia and daffs are just in bloom the past few days. It's a sea of yellow.

  2. Steve - It's wonderful, isn't it? My wanderlusting daughter is in Boston right now and she sent me a message yesterday about all the daffodils she'd seen!

  3. blurry or not i can tell how beautiful the rose is. i love the first rose of the season - such promise!


  4. Our dogwood is just beginning. Love the green. Love your rose.

    Ahhhh spring!

  5. Sounds like the perfect evening! I am so with you on the glasses. I am hoping for one more really good rain to wash the pollen away and I will be outside channeling you evening enjoyment.... Come on down, I am sure we can finish get some projects finished. Hugs! Bonnie

  6. I agree, Janet - especially after a particularly hard winter! Oh, and I, too, am getting a lot of use from my new little red trenchcoat!
    Jane, I almost (allllmost)envy you - I love the dogwood blossoms and I'm always sorry to see them go. But there is so much new to see that I can't spend much time grieving!
    Bonnie, I need you to come HERE! The projects that need finishing are at MY house! hehehehe!

  7. Beautiful flowers. I'm reading May Sarton right now - her book titled, Plant Dreaming Deep. It's really wonderful - all about her decision to buy a home in a very small town in New Hampshire. I recommend it highly.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation, Claudia!