Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'll be back...

Well, it's been a week now.  I thought I'd shake this thing by now.  I don't get sick.  Honestly.  I just don't. After several days of trying all the homeopathic remedies I know, I have been reduced to taking all kinds of over the counter stuff, in an attempt to feel better.  I know.  They probably only mask the symptoms, but that's how much I want to feel like myself again.  The fact that I have to be at work this week (boss is gone and we're moving our office upstairs) hasn't helped matters.

Didn't mean to make this into a tale of woe.  Just wanted to let y'all know I'm still here and I'll be back...


  1. feel better soon karin.

    it happens to the best of us.


  2. Hoping you feel better soon. Go to work but then maybe right home for a nap? Sleep is one of the answers.

    xo jane

  3. Feel better, Karin! I know how hard it is to accept that you are actually, really, honestly sick when it happens so very seldom (like, not at all!)It probably tends to make us not very good patients, too. Try, though - rest when you can, medicate when you can't. :)


  4. Thanks to all of you. And Susan, you're right, I'm probably a terrible patient, as I tend to refuse to give in and just lay low!