Monday, April 25, 2011

flowers in the house

It's still Monday.  Barely. but still.  I think I still made it in time for Jane's Smallbutcharming Flowers in the House Party.

One ginormous Rhododendron bloom!

Here it is on the dining room bar table.

The first Hydrangea bloom of the season.

Thanks again, Jane!


  1. better late than never. very purdy karin. hydrangeas already? hmmm, mine better get with it.

  2. Love the rhododendron in front the red wall. Great shot. But maybe it's the booze talking to me.

  3. You have hydrangeas???!!! Loverly, as is the ga-huge rhodo bloom.

    It's never too late for you to join us.

    Mi casa is su casa.

    xo jane

  4. Thanks to all. Yes, there a few early hydrangea blooms! I was astounded when I went out to see what I could cut for my Flowers in the House post and found those! I hope this doesn't mean they'll die back early?