Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our weekend activities!

It is so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun, to have lived light in the spring, to have loved, 
to have thought, to have done. ~ Matthew Arnold

Well.  Here it is Tuesday already and I'm just getting around to my weekend.  So, what did I do? 

Friday night was spent cooking and enjoying some corn chowder, nice, warm, crusty 9 grain and sunflower bread, a lovely little salad and plenty of wine, with a couple of girlfriends that I haven't seen in weeks and needed some serious catching-up time with!  The bf was working late, so we girls had a great time.

Saturday was spent at yoga and running around town in my new-to-me car.  Love that thing!  I got some fabric to try out making some very simple slipcovers for the chairs in the living room.  I haven't tried that before, but I'm armed with directions from several blogs.  But I think if I figured out how to make drapes, I might be able to do this.  I'll let you know how that goes in the coming weeks.  Then the bf and I went out for our weekly "date".  Date night is usually Friday night for us, but the movie the bf is currently working on is shooting a lot of late nights, so this week we went on Saturday, instead.  We went to a place that we've been to before, but only for wine and appetizers at the bar.  Saturday night was our first dinner experience there, but it won't be the last.  It was fabulous! The mango salsa alone was worth the price of dinner.  Janet, at the Gardeners Cottage, posted something about going out for date night the other day, and she had pics of how cute she looked.  I was not that ambitous - it was jeans and a sweater for me, although I did wear heels, and made the bf put on a nice shirt!

Sunday morning, after our coffee in bed time, and then the bf''s world famous French Toast with Walnuts and Bananas, we headed to the local nursery for some soil amendments (peat moss and chicken poop!) for our new raised bed veggie garden.  I had a veggie garden last year but wasn't thrilled with it's productivity, so I asked the bf to build me some raised beds.  I filled them with a years worth of our own compost, the peat moss, chicken poop and a load of good, dark topsoil.  If I don't get better results this year I may have to give up.


Two 8'x4' raised beds.  And, yes, my veggie garden is in the front yard.  Technically it's on the side of the house.  That's the only place in my yard that gets enough sunlight.  It's fairly common in the neighborhood.

Three kinds of tomatoes, basil, parsley, bell peppers (2 kinds), Jalepenos, Swiss chard, zuchini, summer squash and eggplant!  Keep your fingers crossed.

So, a wonderful weekend was had by all, I hope?


  1. That corn chowder is sounding really good to me right now.

    I can't believe you're planting your garden. That seems so far away from a reality to me. We have about six weeks before we can plant and it still feels like winter. I'm so totally jealous!

  2. Oh what a nice weekend. I need another warm Sunday and some energy.

    We have a good life don't we?

    xo jane

  3. hi karin,

    i gardened most of the weekend too. planted a few tomatoes and herbs. i have not been v successful with veggies here. a lot of summer shade or v intense heat. i scaled back this year and will utilize the farmers market more. sounds like you had a lovely weekend and date. and i bet you looked totally cute. thanks for the mention love.


  4. Steve, I saw the weather for your part of the country and thought about how grateful I am that we do have an early Spring around here. I'll wish for an early spring for you, too!
    Hi Jane, I think I could use about 4 or 5 nice warm Sundays, all in a row, to get done all the work I need to do in the garden! And yes, I think I can speak for all of us when I say we DO have a good life.
    Hi Janet, I have the same problems as you - either too much shade or scorching heat. I do have to depend on the Farmers Market a lot. It opens here next weekend - yay! Fresh eggs!