Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I watched...and I'm glad I did!

I watched the first (possibly only?  HGTV doesn't have it on their schedule at this point) episode of Emily's  new show, "Secrets From A Stylist".   For those who didn't watch, Emily is the winner of what can only be called the worst freakin' season of that gawd-awful show, Design Star, which I'll admit I saw most of...what does that say about me?  Don't answer that!  I have to say it wasn't terrible. It was a little confusing at first, since she redid the living room several times to show the three different styles she was trying to incorporate.  She also did some other rooms, although we only saw one recreation of each of those rooms.  Emily is engaging and cute, with a quirky sense of style that I like.  I hope HGTV decides to make it a regular show - maybe I'll start watching them again. are a few things that I liked.

How cool is that metal chest turned coffee table?

Love the wallpaper!

Dark gray grasscloth?  Yes!  One of the things I really liked was that Emily carried the color palette throughout the house.  All photos from hgtv website.

Around here, a couple more projects to finish up in the garden.  We are hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner in our garden, the first week of October and those last few projects will be done.  Are you reading this, bf?  As soon as they're done I will post pictures, because the new gate is going to be awesome!  Until then...peace.


  1. i like that charcoal with white. i really need to put up a post on husbands office. we painted it black/charcoal but recently added a white slipcovered loveseat and it looks so good.

    i watch zero tv. i'll start watching again when they put something on that's good, maybe.


  2. Janet-
    Please post your hubby's office! It sounds awesome!