Friday, September 3, 2010

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost...

M. Garrity

Every year, when Mother's Day rolls around, I thank these two lovelies for making me a happy mother.  And if the old codger wasn't there this would be this years Christmas card photo!

This is my gift to the world.  If I never do another good thing, I could die knowing my time here wasn't wasted. How they turned out so well I'm not quite sure, but I am so fiercely proud of these two.  Schyler, on the left, is the younger daughter and Kendra, on the right, the older, although many people ask them if they are twins.  I'm always flabbergasted when people ask that, as I can see their individuality so clearly!  They are as different as night and day, which is usually the case with children, isn't it? Kendra is sort of preppy, classic and very feminine, Schyler edgier and tattooed.  But both are smart and as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  And no, they weren't always this close (they're five years apart, so when Kendra was a pre-teen Schyler was still "a baby" and "a brat"), but I am so happy they are now.  When Kendra went off to college I mentioned to Schyler (13 at the time) that she was coming home one weekend. "I know" she said.  "How do you know that already?" I asked.  "Kendra and I talk on the phone every day", she answered.  One of those moments a mother never forgets.


  1. i honestly did not know you were old enough to have daughters this age. i thought you were a youngin! how funny. i'm always so surprised when you find out more about bloggers and they are different than you imagined. that has been one of the fun parts of blogging.

    i personally think the old man in the phot adds a bit of charm to the shot. i think it would make a fantastic christmas card.

    btw. i loved the comment you left me on the giveaway. that was my intention, to get people to enter and gift the piece of jewelry. you were only 1 of 2 that were going to do that. i had my fingers crossed for either of you but it didn't work out that way. and i wanted to be honest. so oh well. julie makes a pair of tiny peral drop earrings that are only like 20 bucks, maybe you can get her those.

    happy labor day weekend.


  2. love your blog!! will be checking in.....

  3. how do i add you to my list of blogs that i follow?

  4. Love this post,love this pic. Your girls are beautiful.

    Pretty sure you can crop or photo shop the old guy out.

    xo Jane

  5. HI,RECENTLY I LOST MY SISTER,FRIEND MINE FROM DENMARK SENT THIS A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost...