Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's sinking in...

We have a loooong list of things we'd like to do around our little cottage..."someday".  Some of them will never happen.  But adding a half bath to this one bathroom house is one that will.  Someday.  We have a small laundry room/pantry off the kitchen, and with a little planning (well, actually the planning is already done!) and a lot of work, it will be easy (yep, easy!  Easy for me to say, anyway!)  to add a 4x9 foot half bath right off it.  Weird size, I know.  But the only way we can do it would be to put the pocket door in the middle of one long wall, with the sink on one side and the toilet on the other.  This is the only way it will fit here, and here is the best and least expensive option for us.

I've been thinking about this little bathroom for a while now and this is what I'm thinking:

Obviously mine wouldn't be this wide and wouldn't have counter top space on the sides - but I love this look.  And...I'm thinking the bf could make this out of concrete.  That man is a concrete genius.
via The Inspired Room - Also love the idea of using a big, deep, old style laundry sink, set on top of a concrete counter top.  And since it's right off the laundry room it might come in handy for that as well - I know it would come in handy for washing the dog!


Anybody got any other ideas?


  1. Your ideas are so good, I'd like to steal them. And he's a concrete genius? Go for it!

  2. have you seen my little laundry/powder room? it was two tiny rooms that we made into one. it has a stackable washer and dryer, sink and loo. i am so glad we did this b/c that extra loo prob saves our marriage!


  3. thanks Jane!
    Janet - I'm going to go to your archives right now! That sounds pretty close to exactly what we have planned.

  4. Janet - I just looked at your little powder room and it IS pretty much what we are going to do, except that since the wall is already there (all we will have to do is take out a window and add a door) we will have two separate rooms. So glad I went back and saw yours - very inspirational!