Friday, September 24, 2010

oh happy day...

I'll be busy this weekend, trying to get some things done in the yard, as we get ready to host a wedding rehearsal dinner for 25, in just two weeks!  Still so much left to do, but my main focus right now is keeping everything green until then.  Not an easy task, as we are currently experiencing a 15 inch deficit in rainfall (to those of you in western states, that's about your average yearly rainfall - our yearly average here is about 60 inches) and still having 90 degree daytime highs.  And I still have cooking to do for this little shindig, too!  I'm cooking (vegetarian) Mexican, and will be trying to make flan for the first time!  I'll post more about that in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here are a few things that made me happy today...

Always loved this photo - just a cool little getaway spot to sit and read, or maybe just to sit and think.  Don't remember where this is from - maybe Cottage Living?

My little Jack.  Although I didn't take this photo this morning, this is how he looked when I left the house - sleeping on the couch with his head on a pillow.  He "arranges" the pillow just the way he wants it, before he lays his head down.  Yes, he's fat (or as his vet says, "happy").  Don't judge.

An idea I'd like to modify for one of our existing patios...someday.  Wouldn't this be a great place for a nap?  Not that I nap...I have a really hard time falling asleep in the day time.  But the cat would love to nap here, I'm sure.

Hang in there Hydrangeas!  They looked pretty sad and droopy yesterday, but after a quick watering, this is how they looked this morning.  Pretty soon they will turn green (pretty!) and then beige, and then they'll dry up for the winter.  Sad.  But they'll be back next year.

Artwork from Etsy.  Unfortunately I didn't note the name of the artist, and it's no longer on the site.  Beautiful, right?
My new shoes!  They're from American Eagle (not a place I normally shop!) - VERY comfortable and only $19.99.  And no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes!  Since I wear jeans to work most of the time, I think I will get a lot of use from these.

So there you have it.  I am wishing y'all a VERY happy weekend!


  1. Thanks! I am happy after reading this post! :)

  2. 1x1000 - good, then I did what I set out to do! :) I looked at your profile page and see that we have much in common, but I wasn't able to get to your blog. I don't know why...I will be trying again, though. I suspect I will find it interesting when I get there!

  3. Jack is a "little" cutie that I want to snuggle with! He looks so content and peaceful. I love how dogs take the time to make their beds cozy before settling in. We should take after them and do the same.

    Hydrangeas are my all time favorite flower. I have to admire them from afar because I have tried to grow them myself with disastrous results. Yours are gorgeous and my favorite hydrangea color.

    Love the leopard ballet flats...I have a pair myself that I just wore yesterday. You will find them to be quite versatile.

    You are brave woman to feed and entertain 25 people. I hope all goes well and look forward to hearing about it.


  4. Adrienne,
    Jack is the perfect size for snuggling (yes, he sleeps in the bed with us!) and the really cool thing is he always smells good! I'm not sure why, because I rarely have to bathe him, he just always smells good - not at all "doggy".
    Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, too. Especially this color. I was lucky enough to inherit three really large ones when I bought this house. I've since added a few more, since they do so well here.
    Thanks for the good wishes - I am a little nervous about the party, to tell the truth. But I will definitely post some pitures once it's over!

  5. How can your hydrangeas look so good? Mine are beyond dead. AE really? Didn't know they sold shoes.

    You are very brave to host a wedding in your garden. I just walked a friend around mine and she said " I promise I won't write on your blog about how it really looks". It looks like Halloween.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

    xo Jane

  6. your hydrangeas look so beautiful. and i love those little flats and that no animals were harmed making them! doggie looks sweet and content. i used to be a caterer so let me know if you have any questions about your event.