Monday, September 6, 2010

*namaste y'all...

*Namaste, loosely translated, means "I bow to you".  It is often said at the end of a class, by the teacher to the students, students to the teacher and student to student, as a way of recognizing others and saying thank you for being part of my practice.

I'm leaving for California on Wednesday.  Mostly to visit my mom and family.  But the first four days of the trip will be to Joshua Tree for Bhakti Fest!  Bhakti Fest will be four days of yoga, music, hiking and vegetarian/vegan feasting with one of my (biological) sisters, my ex-sister-in-law (who I consider a sister), and a very dear friend who is coming with me from NC.  I am so excited!  Yoga is my passion.  For those of you who don't practice (but maybe you're curious?), yoga can be so much more than just exercising or stretching.  If you let it, and become open to it, yoga can be a way to learn about who you are and how you belong to the universe.  Yoga can be a way to learn about loving yourself and every other being (human or not) on earth, to learn gratitude and how to recognize pure joy, and how to live in the moment - this moment - and not to wallow in the past or worry about the future.  My life has changed in so many wonderful ways since I started practicing eight or nine years ago.  And it's all because my attitude about life has changed.  Oh, and my biceps are loving it, too!  Namaste.


  1. Namaste.

    Great post. I'm so jealous, have a wonderful time on your trip.

    Breathe for me.

  2. i keep learning more and more about you karin. i too love yoga! and i live about an hour away from joshua tree. it should be good and hot for your retreat, but the nights are nicely cooling down.



  3. What a beautiful post about yoga. Your trip sounds wonderful. Oh gorgeous Joshua Tree!


  4. Hi, I was out blogging and I happened on your blog. I love yoga too and attend classes a couple of times a week; I simply couldn't do without it. Another your post on Design Star and couldn't agree more! The worst season ever...such a shame and Emily's show was very confusing. Have a great time in Joshua Tree, it sounds wonderful.

    Come by and visit me when you have time. (-: