Monday, September 27, 2010

what I did this weekend...

It started raining last night and hasn't stopped.  That's a good thing, as we were 15 inches (maybe more) below normal and going into drought conditions around here.  But before the rain started it was a beautiful weekend.

Friday night started with 108 Sun Salutations on the beach, followed by watching the moon rise, wine and some tasty snacks, all with half a dozen lovely friends. For those who don't practice, a sun Salutation is a series of yoga poses done in a particular order.  Doing 108 is an ancient tradition, usually done at New Years, the change of seasons, or some other special occasion, such as a birthday.  Why 108?  Seems to be a lot of different answers to that, but the one I kinda like is that in sanskrit there are 108 names for God. was nice.

Saturday morning I was too sore for my usual yoga class, but I did go downtown for the Farmer's Market.  I ended up walking around a little bit, and had my camera with me, sooo...

One of the vendors at the Farmers Market.  It was crowded, so I didn't get any close ups of the beautiful veggies they had to offer.  I ended up taking home some tomatoes (mine have all died off from the heat), some zucchini, some fresh, homemade mozzarella, and some blueberry bread.  Most of the time I make my own blueberry bread, but I was HUNGRY!
When I get to the end of the market, here I am.  There are several street musicians around here all the time, not just during the market.  I work around the corner from here and see this guy every day.  He comes up with some hysterically funny songs that he makes up as he goes along.

The downtown area is on the riverfront.  The Cape Fear riverfront.  So as you walk along, the market is on one side of the street and the river is on the other.

This is one of my favorite houses downtown.  Yep, this is someone's house.  I've never seen it, but I hear it's just as beautiful on the inside.

Home again.  It was another gorgeous night, so we sat outside, under the new string lights we put up for the upcoming party.

Sunday morning brunch.  Cinnamon french toast with toasted walnuts in a cinnamon and brown sugar glaze, with bananas.  Yum.  My plate on the left, bf's plate on the right!
We worked in the yard and on projects all day, then just as it was starting to rain we got this done.  This is two slices of a cypress tree, brought home by the bf and put together with those little "butterfly" things you see, then installed on three poured concrete legs.  It is a piece of art and is so beautiful I had to lay down on it in the rain. 

So pretty!  The "butterflys" are ipe (type of wood).

Then we went inside, had some beans and rice for dinner, watched a girl we know who was competing on one of the Food Network cake shows, and then went to sleep with the windows open and the rain coming down.


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last posts. It's always rewarding to take a leap of faith.

    That table is soooo beautiful. very talented bf.

    xo Jane

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I didn't know about the 108 names for God in sanskrit, but I like that. How limited are most religions, which only have one. Getting back into yoga is one of my goals this fall. Each reference someone makes to it is one more nudge in that direction. I think the universe is trying to tell me to get moving!


  3. Jane - I'm glad you feel rewarded about that.

    Anne - I always tell my daughters that whenever you run into something over and over again, it is the universe trying to tell you or show you something, so look and listen! I hope you do find your practice again, if that's what what you want, and that you find yourself happy to be back!